The Sound of Country Silence

Do you really know the sound of silence? I mean have you sat quiet and undisturbed so that you wonder what you hear and it’s your heart? It is hard to describe this to someone. It’s harder to image this. It’s practically impossible to experience it. If you live in a city then truly you can’t experience this. There is always noise. Just like oxygen bars were all the rage a few years back there should be quiet bars. A room that you can go to and just sit. Void of noise. We have such a vast amount of noise in our lives it’s hard to understand this.  Right now I’m in my home office in the country. Nearest airport is 45 miles away. A train track is 30 miles away. Nearest county road is half a mile away and very rarely used at night. Unless it’s bingo night, then it’s busy for an hour and quiet again. So in my office it still has noise. Well, besides the clicking of the keyboard. I have a fluorescent light that hums at an annoying pitch. Maybe that is why I get crazy in Walmart. The underlying hum and weird lighting must have something to do with that.  I get the fan on my laptop once in a while. So the office is noisy as well. The hum from the fridge. Sound of the water purifier kicking in. Sometimes the fan on the fire place and/or the furnace in winter. My husbands radio in the summer kitchen. Even in this country home I get noise feedback.

People are always commenting about how quiet it is here. Well, sometimes. Spring is not one of them. Between the diesel engine on the farmers tractors working the fields and the cows, it can get noisy. The beginning of spring projects, hammers and saws. The chain saw cutting wood for next year. The biggest spring noise? Mating blue jays. You just can’t imagine the racket they can make. Every single one of them needs to squawk and everyone is the best bird. One spring I had 34 in my yard doing the mating song and dance routine. Unreal, but very real.


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Silence is good for you. It’s therapeutic. It brings your being back into balance. It resets your inner self. Many times in the summer I will go outside and listen to the quiet. No breeze, no motion, no sound of any kind. Just my deep breathing calming my soul. I will sit on the highest part of the property and just look around me. Perfect stillness. A gift from Mother Nature. Once I did this in the heat of the summer. Total peace. I looked up to a perfect blue sky, not a cloud, not a breeze. Two red tail hawks  were circling overhead. Very high. I could hear nothing. They joined in a sky fall mating ritual. Still no sound.  They were the only motion around me. It was as if Mother Nature provided them with a special moment just for them.  And then to gently break the peace a bee landed beside me on a daisy just to give me a reminder it’s time to get back to business. A gentle breeze through the tall grasses. Ever so subtle and quiet.


A good time for the silence is to be outside looking at the stars. Pick a new moon. Get into the country.  Still kind of hard with night air traffic. You have not seen our universe until you are in the country night sky. Or try early morning before the rest of the family gets up or late at night when they have gone to sleep. I would mark a day on my calendar to experience this peace.  Another of my favourite quiet times is just before sunrise. To watch the earth turn from dark to light. To watch a performance from Mother Natures little creatures. My favourite spot is on a pond. The silent beginning of a day. To meditate upon the activity unfolding quietly is something to be amazed at. There is no great noise. Every creature seems to know when it is time for them to do a performance for Mother Nature. From the dragonfly to the family of ducks. It is all well rehearsed and well timed. It’s all about the gentle motion not about the noise.

The sound of country silence is calm and welcoming. It is a noise like no other. It can be a noise or pure silence but either way it fits into our sole for nurturing our being.


3 thoughts on “The Sound of Country Silence

  1. Puressential Aromatherapy says:

    So envy you in your country home! I wish I could live in the country… Maybe a few years down the road…
    I enjoy silence like you do. In silence, I can feel myself and be myself. Silence is calming and soothing.


  2. carol anne says:

    I don’t know what I would do with such silence. I have days when I long for a deep stillness and an abiding silence, but I image it would be difficult to adjust to after a lifetime of noise. I grew up off a busy highway and on the flight path to Philly International Airport. As an adult I moved to the suburbs only to find myself living across from a hospital with helipad and down the road from a small airport from which people skydive. I remember being uneasy in the days following 9/11 when no air traffic was allowed because in the almost 30 years I’d lived by then I’d never not heard planes overhead.

    I wonder if the reality of the tranquility I seek in silence would be less tranquil than the deep abiding I dream of?

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    • KarenB says:

      I moved from Toronto On. I was raised on a very busy highway. Yes it takes time to adjust like any new environment. But I feel the less noise is calming on my spirit and my blood pressure! I even noticed the silence after 9-11 we usually had air force going over. One or two commercial jets at a very high altitude. The morning of the third day I heard a jet and went outside to have a look. It had a fighter jet circling it as it fly a straight pattern. Very strange to see. Apparently I was witnessing a historic moment… the first plane back in the air after the attach.

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